Our Teams Are On Standby 24/7

Serviscapes realizes that in order for your commercial establishment to make money, access needs to be made available for vehicle and foot traffic alike. Snow can accumulate fast, sometimes rendering entrance to your property unsafe or even impossible. We stay ahead of the storms to ensure 24/7 access to your business. Many options are available to accommodate an array of needs.

Pre-Treatment Applications

Sometimes the best way to handle certain heavier storm occurrences is to pre-treat surfaces before it starts. Brine, salt or even calcium applications can act as an ice prevention and can begin a base layer melting process to help cut down on accumulations. This can be a very useful tool when dealing with extremely spotty or unpredictable storm patterns. In certain occurences, this may also be helpful in maintaining lots or entrances quickly around busier times such as shift changes or store openings, allowing for more thorough service once operations have begun and the traffic is more localized inside.

Commercial Snow Services

Unfortunately snow doesn’t wait for anyone. It is imperative to consider the dangers of not only ice, but snow as well. Snow can cause accidents or slip and fall occurrences just as easily as ice. Our thorough pre-snowfall inspections will instruct all operators as to where snow can be deposited and will mark off all walkways and various areas to be treated. Because heavy snows can hide many things, our drivers are given property layout maps of each premises to ensure all work is completed entirely.

Our Programs Always Include Thorough Treatment Of All Walkable Surface Areas

Serviscapes will ensure treatment of all walkable hard surface areas to ensure complete protection. We will not just focus on clearing narrow paths for travel as you can never predict the routes one may take. On the same token, Serviscapes will only make applications or plows when they are truly needed. We will not treat sites during off hours of operation if the potential risks will disappear by the time of opening. We will never take advantage of our zero tolerance policies such as many companies are known to do. Serviscapes will also do our best to assist with any out of scope special requests such as special events or hours of operation changes, etc.