Turn To Us For Over-Seeding Services

Here at Serviscapes, we provide a variety of lawn care and landscaping services. One of the more popular services that we provide to Northeast Ohio homeowners is over-seeding. This is when we add seed over your existing grass after a dethatching or aeration service. Doing so has many benefits:

  • It fills in bare spaces and thin spots on the lawn
  • It allows for stronger, healthier grass
  • It helps deter pests
  • It gives your lawn added resistance to drought/heat
  • More grass gives you added protection against weeds (mowing existing grass higher is actually the best defense against weeds)

Over-seeding can truly reinvigorate your lawn, especially after harsh weather. If you are interested in having a healthier, prettier lawn, reach out to us for a quote on our over-seeding services.

We Are Over-seeding Experts

There is a lot of science and expertise involved in over-seeding; it is not simply about scattering seeds indiscriminately on top of grass. For instance, you need to know what type of seeds to use. Combining different types of grasses (hybrids) can make your lawn much healthier. The key is knowing what type of grass seed to use for your particular lawn. For example, you would use a different seed blend for a sunny area than you would for a shaded area. You would also use a different mix for a “high traffic” area (like the front or side of the house) than you would for a lower traffic area (such as the very back of the property). If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We have been doing this for years, and we know exactly what type of seed to use for different areas of your yard.

We Can Handle The Preparation

Over-seeding also requires ample preparation. For best results, your lawn should be mowed short and the clippings should be bagged. It also helps to rake the lawn, so that the topsoil is loosened. The lawn must be watered frequently as well, to ensure that the new seedlings are able to grow. All of this can be difficult work, but we can handle it for you. We can help you through the over-seeding process from start to finish, ensuring that you have a beautiful, healthy yard.


For over-seeding, timing is everything. Here in Northeast Ohio, the best time to plant grass seed is in either the spring or fall. If you are looking to thicken your lawn this spring or fall give us a call – or contact us online – regarding our over-seeding services.

We Offer Affordable And Reliable Over-seeding Services

Northeast Ohio homeowners turn to us for over-seeding services because we are both affordable and reliable. Getting a quote from us is easy, as we have convenient online ordering. We also offer the most competitive prices in the region. Working with us is easy as well: all of our lawn care technicians are fully licensed and insured and extremely professional. We believe in treating our customers the way that we want to be treated. That is part of the reason that we are Northeast Ohio’s top name in over-seeding services.