We Offer An Exceptional Lawn Analysis

A thorough lawn analysis is important when developing a long term program for the health and appearance of your lawn. These are always included with our fertilization programs but are also offered as a stand alone service. These complete checklists will look over all of the important factors such as site conditions, present pests, mosquito and pest breeding grounds, various fungus or lawn diseases present and will also include thorough instructions on recommended steps or processes to improve these areas. A comprehensive soil test may also be ordered if needed or at the customers request.

Spring Season Cleanup And Removal

“Spring cleaning” applies to the outdoors as well as indoors. Spring is the time when your lawn casts off the winter blahs and really starts to shine. In order to get your lawn ready for the spring, a cleanup is in order. You need to remove all of the dead plants, branches, and whatever else might be cluttering your yard, and make way for spring. Here at Serviscapes, we can help you get your yard ready for the season. Performing a timely spring cleanup will also help reveal problem areas and will assist in making the proper corrections before it’s too late, giving you a jump start on enjoying your outdoors as long as possible during the season.

Fall Season Cleanup and Removal

Fall is a beautiful month here in Ohio, but it does lead to piles and piles of leaves in your yard. Instead of trying to rake and dispose of all these leaves yourself, why not let the professionals help you out? We provide fall season cleanup at an affordable price, so that your lawn will look uncluttered even as the leaves are coming down. In addition to the obvious appearance factors leaves can throw our way, it is especially important to remove the piles sooner than later. Heavy leaf build up can lead to the suffocation of lawns and prevent sunlight or nutrients from reaching the soil. They can also lead to a soil PH imbalance and can be detrimental to the overall health and appearance of your lawn. When too heavy, they will work completely against even the most well rounded fertilizing programs. Keep in mind that mulching, or the fine chopping up of leaves, when lighter layers are present can actually benefit the lawn. If you are unsure how the existing amounts will affect your lawn, give the pros at Serviscapes a call and we would be happy to extend our opinion!

Mid-Season Cleanup and Removal

Sometimes, your lawn just needs a cleanup in the middle of the season—whatever season that may be. Here at Serviscapes, we are proud to offer mid-season cleanup for home and business owners. This is a very popular service here in Ohio. Mid-season cleanup will help your property recover from whatever weather the season throws at you. Generally this will include heavy branch cleanup (especially after storms), a chance to ensure gutters are clog free and occasionally cutting back areas over overgrown brush. If you are looking for mid-season cleanup services for your property, contact us right away.

We Offer Affordable Lawn Cleanup Services

All of our lawn cleanup services are incredibly affordable. This is true for the spring season cleanup services, the fall season cleanup services, the mid-season cleanup services, and all of the other lawn cleanup services that we provide. So if you are looking for reliable cleanup services that will not break the bank, give us a call. One of the reasons that we have such strong recommendations here in Ohio is that we are able to offer exceptional cleanup services for less than our competitors while offering superior results!