Dethatching: An Essential Service For Your Lawn

Are you familiar with dethatching? Many homeowners are unfamiliar with this service, but it is essential to the health of your lawn. “Thatch” refers to the layer of dead turf grass that can cover your lawn. Thatch can be harmful because it blocks water and essential nutrients from reaching the roots of your healthy grass. Removing this thatch, or dethatching, is necessary in order to keep your lawn healthy for the long term. Here at Serviscapes, we provide dethatching services to homeowners across Northeast Ohio. Read below to find out more about this important service.


When it comes to dethatching, timing is key. The timing of this process depends largely on the type of grass you have.  For “cool season” grasses, you should dethatch in the early fall or early spring, as this is when the grasses grow the most. For “warm season” grasses, dethatching should be done in late spring. The frequency of the dethatching process also depends on your mowing and watering habits. If you are unsure about whether your yard needs dethatched, give us a call and our expert landscapers will be able to provide an inspection and consultation.

The Machinery Involved

For best results, dethatching is done with strong tines or a power rake. These are machines that will both agitate compacted soil and remove thatch from your lawn, ensuring that your lawn stays healthy. These can be large and expensive machines: difficult to purchase, move, and store. Even renting them can pose many inconveniences. This is why so many Northeast Ohio homeowners choose to call us when they need their lawn dethatched. We take all of the hassle out of the process, performing all of the difficult work with our own equipment.

We Provide Dependable Results

Northeast Ohio homeowners also call us for their dethatching needs because we provide dependable results, as our testimonials prove. Our Serviscapes lawn care team has decades of dethatching experience between them. If you want the best dethatching service in Northeast Ohio, give us a call. We will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful for years to come.

We Are Easy To Work With

We are a locally owned and operated company that cares deeply about our community and our customers. For this reason, we are very easy to work with. We offer the following perks to our customers:

  • Fast online ordering
  • Affordable pricing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

For your convenience, we are able to offer you quotes online or over the phone. Reach out to us with a request for dethatching services and our friendly customer service agents will be happy to provide you with an affordable quote. We believe that homeowners in Northeast Ohio should not have to jump through endless hoops in order to get a quote for dethatching services. We are also committed to our craft and employ fully licensed and insured landscapers. This is part of the reason that we are able to deliver such high quality results with every dethatching job we do.